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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Book Review: Serving Justice by Jacqueline D. Moore

Serving Justice by Jacqueline D. Moore

Amazon Rating: 3

Pain and Pride

Meet smart, sassy and successful legal professionals and friends, Angela, Theresa, Darlene and Rhonda, in Jacqueline D. Moore’s latest release, Serving Justice. These friends meet in college and become more like family over the span of approximately 20 years. This offering gives us the opportunity to experience a whirlwind weekend that threatens to destroy the ladies’ bond. In Serving Justice, Judge Angela Jenkins has loved her chauffeur, Tony, for awhile. She’s never shared her feelings with her friends or anyone else. She fears the scrutiny of colleagues, friends and others.

Judge Jenkins decides to break the ice, asking Tony to escort her to a public function where her girlfriends would be in attendance. Angela’s high-powered girlfriends all but lose it after finding out Tony is not only their girl’s chauffer, he’s a cab driver. The ladies’ friendship and Angela’s relationship with Tony is seriously threatened after.

I appreciated the balance in personalities in this circle of friends, from Angie’s eventual willingness to risk it all and not live according to societal expectations, to Darlene’s commitment to her career and assertive disposition. The novel for me was really about Angela, Theresa, Darlene and Rhonda, examining themselves and the way they see others. I was also rooting for things to turn out well for Angela and Tony.

I enjoyed this novel. It really held my interest. The character development was on point for me. I enjoyed getting to know each of the ladies, and Tony. Jacqueline Moore’s style of writing allows readers to experience each character’s pain and pride.

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