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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Product Review: The Naked Bee's Orange Blossom Honey Lotion

"All The Good Stuff, None of The Bad Stuff"TM

Product Description: The Naked Bee - Orange Blossom Honey Lotion combines organic aloe vera and sunflower oil with moisturizers and skin conditioners like honey, spirulina and hyaluronic acid to soften, heal and promote healthy skin. The Naked Bee - Orange Blossom Honey Lotion contains no propylene glycol, dyes or pigments and it is not tested on animals. Orange Blossom Honey is Naked Bee’s most popular fragrance.

The Naked Bee hand and body lotion is 70% organic. Naked Bee products are also Paraben-Free, have no propylene glycol or mineral oil, no dyes or pigment and no lauryl or laureth sulfate.

Personal Product Review:

Packaging/Price - For Orange Blossom Honey Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion to be marketed as a natural product, and the fact that this lotion isn't available everywhere, I think the pricing is fair for the 8 oz. lotion pump bottle.  The lotion comes in a durable plastic bottle, with labeling that has complementary colors (think orange and honey).  The average retail price is $13.50.  I paid $13.00 at Amazon.  Other sites such as Uncommon Scents retail this item at $14.95.  If you shop around, you just may be able to save a buck or two.

Aroma - I absolutely love this smell.  My personal description is that of freshly peeled oranges (think how the citrus smells on your fingertips after peeling an orange) tamed by the smell of sweet honey.  When first applying the lotion, it smells like "Smarties," the candy, as my daughter says.  However, after a couple seconds, the pungent smell become more of a mild, pleasantry.  Note: I first smelled this product when a colleage applied it daily and I thought it was perfume.  I finally asked her what she was wearing, and sure enough, she shared with me Orange Blossom Honey by The Naked Bee.  She also relayed that she first smelled this lotion when another colleague applied it.  So I'm warning you, people will ask you, "What is that you're wearing?" or you may get a, "What's that smell?" in a good way, of course.

Results - The consistency of the lotion is not too thick or creamy and my skin doesn't feel too oily after the application.   The added bonus is that this product smells great.

Availability: Direct individual consumer product purchases from The Naked Bee are not available; however, you may locate retailers who carry their products here - Store Locator.  You may also purchase from various online retailers.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely.

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