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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Food For Thought

Here's something to ponder . . .

I read this on Steve Troxel's God's Daily Word . . .

Do we really know God's voice? How often do we set aside time to
listen? If we only occasionally listen to His voice, how will we even
recognize when He calls? We live in a world so filled with
distractions, that we must not wait until the crisis of a storm. If we
haven't learned to filter out the competing noises of the world, God's
call will be lost in the crashing waves.

I don't know about you but it's high time I start making quiet time to
meditate upon God's word so His voice becomes clearer and clearer to me
each day. I pray for my spiritual filter to become very fine tuned, so
much so that when there's noise all around me, my filter will only allow
a single voice to come in.

So no matter where I am, whatever the distraction may be, I pray that
God will use me and allow my light to shine, touching others and
encouraging them to begin a relationship with Him or re-establish a
relationship with Him just as I have.

Follow-up Bible reading: Matthew 14; John 10:27

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