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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Book Review: Secret Daughter by June Cross

This memoir is a very interesting look into what it was like growing up for June Cross, daughter of aspiring white actress, Norma Booth, and well known black comedian, James "Stump" Cross. Secret Daughter delves into what is was like for a young June growing up, sometimes in two completely different worlds, and trying to find herself and more about herself and her parents. This novel takes us through June's adolescence and college years, on into adulthood and the present. June learns some lessons on her own, but is often persuaded to make choices other children or people do not have to make. Although June started out sometimes having to deny herself and even her kinships, I was happy to see that she fully accepts who she is now. I was happy June got all the answers she searched for for a lifetime, and especially the fact that she was able to reconcile her emotions with her mother and her father.

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