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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A New Network For Christian Creatives


January 28, 2010 - - (Detroit, MI) - - Urban Christian Creative (UCC) is a new online social media network for christian creative-types.  As President of Echelon Entertainment, Tavares Carney saw the need to bridge the gap between Christian creatives.  Having established herself as a Christian book reviewer, Carney says, "I found myself promoting to book lovers, only.  I thought - how can I help the authors reach larger audiences?"  Now, Echelon Entertainment aims to cross-promote works of Christian creatives - authors, musicians/singers/songwriters/music producers, filmmakers/actors/actresses, production companies, record labels, marketing and PR professionals, publishers, fashion designers, graphic artists, radio and TV professionals and more. 

In coming months, Christian creatives and professionals from several industries will be recruited to the network.  If you or your business is related to Christian entertainment, UCC is the place to be.

To join UCC, please visit Urban Christian Creative.

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  1. you know i'm so supportive of this. I'm posting it to both the blogs.

    be blessed for more success.