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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Book Review: Beautiful Rage by Janaya Black

Beautiful Rage by Janaya Black
Amazon Rating: 4

Review by Tavares S. Carney

Inside the Minds

Janaya Black takes readers into the minds of women who kill in Beautiful Rage. Journalist, Vanessa Jackson, is on assignment, interviewing women of the Wayne County Correctional facility who want their stories heard.

I like the way Ms. Black shows us the difficulty faced by Vanessa Jackson. How can this journalist remain neutral if she finds herself able to identify with the women she interviews? Women who have killed. Vanessa’s primary interviewee, Dawn Langston, introduces supporting characters Detective Jones and Ross Styler, who all add elements to the story that keeps readers wanting to know what happens with each of them next.

This novella deals with themes of pre-judging others, taking justice into one’s own hands, spirituality, the justice system and legal corruption. Beautiful Rage is a page turner that stimulates readers to examine situations from all angles before rushing to judgment or leaping into action.

I would consider other offerings by this author.

Review by Tavares S. Carney


  1. Sounds very interesting. I might have to try it after I finish my current book.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Rita :-) Yeah this is a good one! I think you'd like it.

  3. Thank for the wonderful review! I will definitely be sharing this with my audience!

  4. "Beautiful Rage" is a page turner, and I can't agree with you more. Janaya has a very unique way of drawing the reader in. I had a difficult time, as I was unable to put it down until I had finished reading this book. Waiting for the next one Janaya.