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Friday, November 5, 2010

Next Up from Home Again: Dr. Linda F. Beed

Next Up from Home Again: Dr. Linda F. Beed

Flavorful by Dr. Linda F. Beed

How did you get your idea for your story?

This fictitious story was pulled from what I’ve observed throughout my 25 years as a children’s minister.

What is(are) the specific main theme(s)/platform(s) in your story?

The main theme in this story is that even though we have made mistakes in our walk, it does not change the plans that God has for our lives.  My prayer is that Flavorful will first serve as a reminder that God places specific gifts within each of us. As those set in authority over others (especially as parents and educators), it is our responsibility to seek God as to who our charges are and what our role is in helping to nurture their gift(ings).

I desire to have opportunity for dialogue on how to forgive the shortcomings of our past so that:

1. Reconciliation can be made

2. Forgiveness - Ask and Forgive

3. True purpose can be recognized, apprehended and utilized for original intent

Is this your first published work? If not, what other titles have you authored?

Business Unusual, the first in the Covenant Series was my first published work.
Do you plan to write more stories or novels?

I have several books in line or publication. They include Not Your Own, due out in 2011, a historical fiction and a non-fiction work.

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