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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Next up from Home Again: Stories of Restored Relationships anthology - Maurice M. Gray

Next up from the Home Again: Stories of Restored Relationships anthology - Maurice M. Gray

Family Matters by Maurice M. Gray, Jr.

Is this your first published work? If not, what other titles have you authored?

I am the author of two novels, To Whom Much Is Given and All Things Work Together (sequel to To Whom).  I also contributed to two other anthologies, Blessed Assurance (2003 from Literally Speaking Publishing) and The Soul Of A Man (2009 from Peace In The Storm Publishing).

Do you plan to write more stories or novels?

I sure do! Female Problems is my next novel; it’s set to release in April 2011. It will pick up the story I started in Family Matters; Erik is one of the lead characters in Female Problems.

How did you get your idea for your story?

As I mentioned, this story actually leads into my upcoming novel, Female Problems. Erik is one of three men featured in this novel about Christian men bonding over issues surrounding church, love, work and where to get a decent haircut. When I learned about Home Again and agreed to do my story about a mother and a son, I realized that I hadn’t delved much into Erik’s family situation in Female Problems and that I didn’t really have room to do so. I’ve known a few people who open their hearts to children and young adults the way Erik’s mother CC does, and thought that this would be a good family history for him.

What is(are) the specific main theme(s)/platform(s) in your story?

The overall theme of the anthology of course is restoration. My story deals with how fostered resentment can build up over time and damage even the strongest relationship. It also deals with the need for forgiveness; without that, restoration of a relationship cannot happen.

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  1. Coming from a very large extended family I can definitely identify with this storyline. Thanks Maurice for shedding light on what most overlook.


  2. Maurice,
    I enjoyed your story. Many families do get caught up in helping others so much they forget the ones closest to them. I'm looking forward to seeing these characters again in your novel, Female Problems.

  3. This story is the TRUTH! In all honesty, it has caused me to take a deep self inventory concerning the way I want to be connected with my family. Awesome work! I love it!

  4. Thanks everybody, especially Tavares for featuring me :-).